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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerCrazyDan
Challenge NameHoward The Duck/BTVS crossover
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Other Marvel Comics
DescriptionI just finished watching 'Howard the Duck' on DVD. I'd forgotten what a great movie it is.

Here's the possible Scenario. The film took place in Cleveland Ohio. Howard and Beverly are hanging up their music act after a gradual decline in popularity since 1986 when the film came out.

They come back home to Cleveland and end up being Houseparents for Slayer Central.

They don't need to fight demons themselves though it would be funny to have Howard teach Buffy Quack-Fu since they are both so short.

Technically Howard the Duck belongs to Marvel Comics, but the Movie was the only George Lucas film to be such a phenomenal bomb that it broke even.
Challenge Date25 Apr 09
Last Updated9 Feb 10

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