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Challenge Issuervaldimarian
Challenge NameYAHF - Duchess Honor Harrington
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature
DescriptionWe've all seen different ideas about Xander having a last minute change of heart about his outfit, or that his soldier's uniform is from someone in another fandom, but I've only seen a few where Buffy's outfit turned out to be someone of importance.

Now, anyone who's a fan of the Honor Harrington series knows that every once in a while the unabashedly prudish people of Grayson like to make everyone's favorite Steadholder / Countess / Admiral get fancy in a ball gown.

So what would have happened if the 'Lady Elizabeth' outfit had been changed with a simple addition of a gray plush cat as a prop?

I'll give a nod right here to Alyssara's story Sunnydale's Honor which bears a good deal of burden for making me think of this challenge.

Things I'd like to see: Spike living past the end of the 'episode'*, Angel getting humiliated*, Nimitz sticking around, a view from the other side (how being in Sunnydale changes Honor's life view), Buffy using coup de vitesse or Honor's sword skills from the future,

Things I don't want to see: Spike getting dusted, Xander getting super powers.

I'll leave it up to you: retroactively putting Dawn in, she can be annoying, but in the aftermath of the series she shows great character growth potential, what point Honor gets taken from, what sort of prosthetics Honor / Buffy poses, how many prosthetics Honor leaves behind after.

*So I like Spike more than Angel, so what? If Spike is Love's bitch, at least he's man enough to admit it! Well, in the end at least.
Challenge Date28 Apr 09
Last Updated28 Apr 09

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