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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerCindyB
Challenge NameBunny is my what?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS
DescriptionThis is a Buffy's real father challenge. I know Buffy's age is a bit off, but this IS fiction. My idea is that Joyce & Buffy Summers are really Shannon & Kelley Gibbs.
Instead of being killed, they were placed in witness protection. Shannon refused to allow Gibbs be told the truth because she felt that he led too dangerous a life. Buffy doesn't remember her earlier life.

This fic should be post Chosen. Giles being the wise man he is decides that having people trained in various fields would be beneficial to the IWC. The government wanting to score points with the new council agree to let some of the Slayers and/or Watchers into their various programs with NCIS being just one of many. A couple of days before starting the new job the council person is injured and will be laid up for a couple of months. Giles talks Buffy into being the stand in until he/she is well. Buffy reluctantly agrees despite how grossly unprepared she is for the job.

I'd like to see:

*Gibbs calling Buffy Bunny instead of Buffy.
*Gibbs finding out Buffy is his daughter for a while before Buffy knows.
*Buffy's girly girl/slightly dim bulb act before she slays them verbally or beats the stuffing out of someone.
*Buffy blowing the NCIS gang's minds with her martial arts skills and strength.

What I don't want:

*Any Buffy pairings (Unless you want to make it Giles/Buffy...)
*No slash.


*Dawn is also Gibbs daughter. (Shannon was pregnant when she left.)
*Buffy eating a raspberry jelly donut during autopsy and making someone sick.
*Buffy/Abby bonding (non-sexual).
*A new Probie that is jealous of Buffy.
Challenge Date18 May 09
Last Updated18 May 09

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