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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)Speakertocustomers
Challenge NameAm I my brother's Hammer?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Miscellaneous > Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog
DescriptionCaptain Hammer from 'Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog' looks identical to Caleb. They're both misogynists, both violent, and both extremely strong and almost invulnerable. What if this isn't just coincidence?

Hammer is Caleb's identical twin brother. He's been a little more successful at controlling his serial killer tendencies than the evil priest and he channels his violence into beating up 'villains' (especially Dr Horrible). He's managed to convince the public - and maybe even himself - that he's really a hero, although his true vileness is apparent once you get to know him.

After being hurt for the first time in his life, when his attempt to murder Dr Horrible backfires, Hammer undergoes therapy. The therapist unlocks Hammer's true self and the serial killer within is unleashed. He goes on a killing spree, his public persona as a Super-Hero putting him above suspicion, and only Dr Horrible and Moist (and perhaps some other members of the Evil League of Evil) oppose him.

Until Penny's sister (or maybe cousin) Vi comes to town (probably too late for the funeral, but perhaps she's a beneficiary of Penny's will or something), sees Hammer, and is immediately suspicious of the Caleb look-alike. Eventually she teams up with Dr Horrible to fight him.

A Vi/Billy romance is optional - actually a Vi/Moist romance would be funnier, but hard to pull off convincingly. Bonus marks for Fury Leika being a rogue Slayer and for Captain Hammer being sliced in two with the Slayer Scythe.
Challenge Date25 May 09
Last Updated16 Jan 10

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