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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTheDon
Challenge NamePossession is nine tenths of the law
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe
DescriptionXander has the unique yet unusual ability to gain power through possession. it can be an x-gene or it could whatever but the bottom line is that is an ability unique to him.

The hyena possesses him and gets taken out like cannon but he keeps the power and abilities. he gets possessed by his Halloween costume he keeps the skills, powers, and abilities. Dracula makes him his bitch, he comes away with some kinda ability(ies) from him. anything that possesses or control him continues to add to his power. if anything were to posses him his secondary ability would be to naturally and very effectively fight it off and exorcise whom or whatever does it into the after life peacefully

I.E. the shadow king from x-men would possess him only for Xander's body to take all of his power,ability and skills and exorcise his spirit into the after-world where he cant be fucking with the world of the living anymore. same thing would happen with Proteus and any other being that can possess people.

Because of his ability(which is always on by the way, kinda like how wolverines healing factor is always on) he cant be taken over for more than perhaps a few minutes before he automatically throws the invading spirit out of his body and to the other world. powerful souls may be able to fight and stay for a bit longer but it wouldn't do them any good.

I just wanted to turn Xander's cannon ability to be everyone with powers butt monkey around and have it work in his favor.

Xander wouldn't belong in the standard earth 616 reality as obviously those kinda vamps don't exist. but he would be apart of a fictional reality thats an offshoot of the marvel 616 earth like earth 115 or whatever number you make. at some point he can end up in earth 616(which i would like to see) and you can go on from there.

Only thing i don't want to happen is Xander being anyones bitch and any Xander slash cause we all know that he likes the ladies.
Challenge Date26 May 09
Last Updated27 Jan 10

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