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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)mpop
Challenge NameNot the yellow crayon
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake > Willow-Centered
DescriptionA couple of years ago I read a story where Willow didn't turn back from evil because of the infamous yellow crayon instead she realised that it would be much more fun to rule the world than destroy it. The fic I read had Willow go to HP wizarding world for this purpose.

I want a fic where Willow go to St. Louis instead.

Must have:

Willow acting vulnerable to the Scoobies and fooling all of them.
Willow acting vulnerable to the St. Louis-gang (no telling whether she fools them though)
Willow going to St. Louis for a reason (I've read enough stories where it's "fate" or something similar)

I would prefer to see:

Willow fooling some of the people from St. Louis but not all.
Dawn coming with Willow for some reason (either she's fooled or she knows but wants in or something else)
Challenge Date2 Jun 09
Last Updated9 Feb 10

Challenge Responses

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