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Challenge Issuerkerrykhat
Challenge NameLittle Girl Lost
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
DescriptionTwo years before Mary and John Winchester had Sam, Mary was pregnant with a little girl. After she was born, however, she was switched with another baby girl born the same day belonging to Joyce and Hank Summers. The original baby girl Summers died, leaving Mary and John heartbroken, while Joyce and Hank named the other baby girl Elizabeth "Buffy" Anne Summers.

John thinks his little girl is dead until he meets up with her for a brief moment in time sometime before SPN season 1 (maybe during the summer in LA? some other time? up to the author). He doesn't get Buffy's full name but it starts him looking at the events in a new light.

Fast forward to the events of "Dead Man's Blood". Buffy is investigating the same nest of vampires and runs into the Winchesters, where revelations about Buffy's past occur.

Up to the author:
+ If Buffy is with any of the Scoobies when revelations occur. Also if the revelations happen before, after, or during the attack on the vampire nest.
+ If the events of the next two SPN eps occur as shown or if Buffy affects it in any way
+ If the switch was accidental or a move by the Powers to protect Buffy

Must haves:
+ Buffy must say to Dean "I'm blonde, not stupid"
+ The issue of Dawn must be addressed
+ Willow giving John the "Resolve Face" and John caving

Just have fun with this story and see where it takes you.
Challenge Date6 Jun 09
Last Updated16 Jan 10

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