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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerDarthPayne
Challenge NameAlexander's Journey
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road Trip
DescriptionThis particular challenge is a combination of two challenges I've posted elsewhere.

This challenge also crosses BTVS/Blade Trinity/Witchblade/Stargate SG:1.

The Witchblade is in this reality an Alteran/Ancient weapon against the Wraith.

Stargate SG: 1 time line must also be set 3+ months before the series starts.

I see this story start one of two ways:
1: Xander stumbles on Ethan dumping a handful of armor pieces and a broke sword in a dumpster behind his shop. Xander then walks over to the dumpster and tries to have a closer look at them when Ethan walks back out of the store with two more pieces. When Ethan asks Xander what he is doing Xander replies with 'Just curious. Why are you dumping these?'

The armor and sword is that of Drake from Blade Trinity.

The reason Ethan is dumping them is up to you.

2: When Xander walks into Ethan Costume Shop he is ambushed by Ethan telling him that he is customer #100 of the day. The prize is the costume of an ancient warrior from ages past.

The costume is again that of Drake from Blade Trinity.

Fast forward through time to that famous road trip where Xander gets just a 'little' further away than he told Buffy.

Where his car actually does brake down is up to you.

The important points of this encounter are as follows:
1: Xander witnesses a beautiful blonde woman being dragged into a warehouse by what turns out to be Jaffa sent by Anubis (specifically the sword wielding ones) to find a host for an Alteran weapon he found on an Alteran research station. Running to the trunk of his car he retrieves the sword he now keeps with him at all times since Halloween when it remained real.

The beautiful blonde none other is Dr. Captain Samantha Carter.

2: During Xander's battle with the Jaffa the Witchblade must bond with Sam Carter.

3: When Samantha Carter is transferred to the SGC she must convince Hammond to also bring in her boyfriend Alexander Drake AKA Alexander Lavelle Harris due to his battle with the Jaffa, which is only known to them and a handful of people.

The rest i leave up to you.
Challenge Date26 Jun 09
Last Updated16 Jan 10

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