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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerDoctorsgirl
Challenge NameTrouble with Teeny!slayers
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Trek
DescriptionAfter watching the new Trek movie at the cinema, this little bunny's been running round in my head.

The crew of the nu!Enterprise have just set out on their mission to 'boldly go...' following their confrontation with the
time-travelling Nero.

I want, by some bizarre twist of fate, a de-aged Buffy to appear on one of the planets they visit (how you choose to do it is
up to you- portal? Re-incarnation? Spell gone wrong?). Basically I want the enterprise crew to beam down onto a planet that's all but empty, except for an adorable, blonde six year old.

A blonde six year old with super powers.
How does her presence on the Enterprise affect its crew?

Must haves:

-Buffy/Bones bonding over a mutual love of sarcasm, after all beneath that gruff exterior the CMO has a marshmellow
centre that would totally melt over a mini-slayer like Buffy.
-Confused Spock- 'It is utterly illogical that one of such short stature should be that energetic captain...'
-Buffy keeping her slayer abilities.
-Buffy outwitting Uhura.
-Pet tribble for baby Buffy.
-Jim's attempts at not being such a man!slut in front of the cute, impressionable kid (on threat of hypospray from Bones).

Up to you:
-Does Buffy remember her life before?
-Is she there for a reason?
-Bashing (if you really want to).

Make it so!
Challenge Date26 Jul 09
Last Updated26 Jul 09

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