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Challenge IssuerRuneWitchSakura
Challenge NameBuffy Stryker-LeBeau
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionBtVS/X-Men Movie Verse

Remy LeBeau, a.k.a. Gambit, was the only one to escape Three Mile Island, but nowhere in the movie does it say how. What if he he had help? What if that help came from Stryker's own daughter?

Continuing along this line - is Joyce's maiden name ever actually mentioned? What if it was Stryker? What if she was William Stryker's daughter and she helped Gambit to escape?

Now...what if they conceived a child together somewhere around this time, but later go their separate ways? And what if that child was Buffy?

Possible Reason why Joyce kept the name Summers after the divorce: She didn't want her father to find her.
Possible Reason why Stryker didn't go after Gambit once he escaped in the first place: He already had what he needed from him.

Possible Plot 1: Several years after the end of Origins: Wolverine, Gambit receives a letter stating that Joyce Summers, nee Stryker, has died, and that she had two daughters (of different ages), both of which were his. Gambit's curiosity peaked, he goes to investigate the claim, as he only remembers being with Joyce twice (both times around the same time, so not being able to be the reason for the age difference of the girls).

Possible Plot 2: Directly after the events of Origins: Wolverine, Gambit wonders what happened to Joyce and goes searching, finally finding her right after she and Buffy move to Sunnydale.

Possible Plot 3: Whatever you can think of.

What is Buffy's reaction to Gambit? What is Dawn's reaction? For that matter, what are the reactions of the rest of the Scoobies to Gambit, and what is his reaction to them? Slash and Fem-Slash are acceptable, but no relationships are required (save perhaps Gambit/Joyce if the story is set before she dies). Does Gambit already know about the 'nightlife' of Sunnydale or does he learn about from Buffy?

Kudos for doing at least one of the following:
-Joyce Summers and Bella Donna Boudreaux meeting, and then getting into a fight over Gambit, which Buffy breaks up. ("Parent's are supposed to be the one breaking up their kids' fights, not the other way around!")
-Gambit and Giles meeting after the Band Candy incident, and Ripper coming out to play, which causes the two to fight (over Joyce).
---Double Kudos for Ethan Rayne showing up in the middle of either fight, before deciding the two were causing enough Chaos and he wasn't actually needed at the moment.
-Gambit winning all the kittens in Kitten Poker, and leaving them at Giles' place, at random times, without Giles knowing. ("Bloody hell! Not another one! Where do they keep coming from?")
---Double Kudos for Buffy knowing what Gambit is doing and making snarky kitten comments to Giles.
---Triple Kudos for Giles sending all the kittens to Ethan (especially if you make Ethan allergic to cats).
-Joyce not being the only one Gambit was with around that time, making Faith (or Cordelia, or Willow, or any other female Buffy or X-Men Character) Buffy's half-sister.
Challenge Date31 Jul 09
Last Updated28 Jan 10

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