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Challenge NameThe new secretary.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Sentinel, The
DescriptionThis is going to be a Sentinel/BtVS or Ats crossover, most of the story set in Cascade.

The Major Crimes Unit of Cascade gets a new secretary to help coordinate etc.

The secretary is either:
Buffy (you need to explain why she is not a cop, with her abilities. Maybe the hours (uneven) would interfere with slaying?)

Willow (Explain: Willow could easily make lots of money as a programmer/computer person. Why a secretary?)

Dawn. (Why? Let us see some of her past (flash-backs) since you would have to make her older by a couple of years. What happened in those years, how did it affect her?)

Cordy. (Why did she leave Angel and co? Why move to Cascade? A new start?)

Anya (Unlikely. Anya would go for the money, and secretary is not the highest paid job around. It would be a fun challenge, though)

Fred (You have to explain why she is not using her degree in physics. Perhaps she is hiding.)
- If you choose Fred you might consider having her go to Cascade right after she came from pylea. (perhaps in the episode when Fred´s parents came to bring her home, and she ran away.) Maybe she did not stop before she reached Cascade?

For the Sentinel you can place the story at any season you want. No Slash.

There has to be violent homicide, which is throwing Jim/Blair and the rest of Major Crimes for a loop. Reason? The killer is a demon. (Demonic/Vampire activity very low in cascade. Otherwise Jim would have noticed.)

None of the guys at Major Crimes have any beforehand knowledge of Vamps/Demons etc.

Fred/Buffy/Dawn/etc...(whoever you choose as the secretary must try to solve the case (in some cases reluctantly/ in others looking forward to some action)without exposing her own secrets.

Secrets will be exposed. (Jim´s(and Blair´s)? The Secretary´s? Both? And will the rest of the police gang know as well?

If you do not feel like writing a long story, then perhaps a story in which each chapter explores the situation with a new secretary. If you choose this option (each story a chapter long, instead of a single, longer story) you have to use all my proposed secretaries. One per chapter. (each chapter as a self contained little ficlet.)

Challenge Date28 Aug 04
Last Updated17 Jan 10

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