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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerVoldemort
Challenge NameTo be Ziva or not to be
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionThis challenge is inspired by Her Father's Daughter from Shezzi here on TtH.

But instead of a sister what if Buffy is Ziva
This is after Empty Places.

When she goes to NCIS, the First has temporary suspended it's war against the slayers because of Buffy/Ziva being away.
When she doesn't come back after a few days the Scoobies start a search operation.

I would like to see the reactions of the Scoobies when they meet Buffy/Ziva and NCIS.
Must have

Faith and Tony flirting with each other maybe friendship or a relation.
A Willow and Abby babble fest.
A Giles and Gibbs "fight" about who is the better father of Buffy/Ziva.
Challenge Date24 Aug 09
Last Updated16 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

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