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Challenge IssuerIncompetentDreamer
Challenge NameXander as Spike's ~*~IMMORTAL~*~ Childe, Post 'Not Fade Away.' (Highlander X-Over)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander
DescriptionIn this challenge, there are just several things I think must be a requirement, some 'possibles' and some definite no-no's.

The basic jist of the story is that post Angel: The Series 'Not Fade Away' - somehow, however you want to arrange it, Spike comes face to face again with an imperiled Alexander 'Lavelle' Harris.

I'm not one to go the easy route so there's more to this challenge then on the surface:


- Must be a Spike and Xander 'friendship' fic. This CAN be SLASH, though.

- Xander MUST become a Vampire and permanently stay so.

- Upon Xander's turning, this is considered his 'first death' - he gains a Quickening and is also now an Immortal, assigned his own 'watcher.'

- Xander struggling to accept his life as a 'creature of the night.' Depressive, trying to explore a world he can no longer go out into.

- Adam 'Methos' Larson must play a pivotal role for Spike and Xander. My suggestion? Methos as an accidental teacher and mentor to Xander - at least, as far as the 'Immortals' go.

- Frankly, Xander must be transformed into an 'uber'-strong Vampire. Beyond 'Master' level. If anyone out there has ever read Nick Midian's 'stuff' - make sure you do, it's fantastic. Don't want a carbon copy of the Xander from that story by any stretch (though he IS fantastic) but we're 'beaming up' the Zeppo, here folks. Let's do him some justice. Let's put it this way - THIS Xander should be able to tie up Buffy like a pretzel with one arm behind his back.

- Have some type of 'Highlander'-based 'Big Bad.' Someone possibly with a grudge on Methos, whom has stumbled across Spike and Xander and formed some type of alliance.

- FINALLY - this story MUST have a timeline of over a THOUSAND years - a significant portion of the story actually going FAR into and taking place in the future! Time Travel is NOT ruled out however, so feel the limitably palpable universe at your fingertips.

- Willow definitely involved as the 'best friend' she is to Xander. Also, if NOT slash, some type of conversation where she believes Xander IS gay and that she suggests he sleeps with Spike. (If Slash, her talking about how great the couple are and if they can get married in Ohio?)

- Illyria heavily involved as well if possible. (We're going to have a strong 'cast' in THIS one.)


- Xander can NOT lose his soul at the point of his turning. At no point do either Spike OR Xander lose their souls.

- Include canon aspects past the television shows ( In other words - the Buffy, Angel and Spike comics go right out the window as they're garbage anyways.)

- Be outright non-respective to the characters. Imagine them as they are and simple compute this into their future - still themselves, still altered immensely - but craft some type of reasoning behind any type of long-term or permanent character changes within any of those used.

- Have some magically two-eyed Xander's. I like my Cyclops.


- Xander becomes 'only One.' The last Immortal and he beats the 'Game.'

- Spike teaches Xander how to fight with a sword rather then someone else. How to compensate for his lack of 'peripherals.'

- Angel as a greatly involved character. (Again though, IF Slash, Angel not permitted in the relationship in anyway.) Perhaps even a story of three vampires seeing the centuries.

- Xander kills Riley. (Simply because.) Xander, in response to some horrible scenario, happily bites out Riley's neck and murders him - admitting he's happy so afterwards. (MAJOR Bonus points for this one!)

- Eventually.... Evil Xander. Hey, if you can get him reasonably to get to that point throughout the centuries - let's go for it! MAYHEM, away!
Challenge Date19 Sep 09
Last Updated19 Sep 09

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