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Challenge Issuerherbsandlemons
Challenge NameNo Fate But What We Make
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionWhat if Faith had a decent Watcher from the beginning? A strong female figure... cause I don't think Faith had enough trust in her even at 14-15 to trust a male Watcher. But if You can make it work go for it.

Basically I just want to see one story about Faith where she manages to find a real home and family, not the shitty time of it the Scoobies gave her.

Buffy was called she died Kendra was called she died Faith was called that means Faith is The Slayer. Buffy is a slayer still but it should've been Faiths show Giles should've trained her. Buffy died, her job was over.

Any crossings are permitted... some suggestions that came to mind. Thought not necessarily a Watcher but a protector, trainer, and/or Mother.

I just finished watching that episode with Faith and Gwendolyn Post and what seemed to strike me very strongly about this episode was Faith, who was broken and couldn't manage to trust anyone anymore had one last breath of trust in her.... and Gwendolyn Post took it and murdered it, viciously. I feel that if Giles had done his job and (he read the Watcher diary's he knows Slayers are called at 15 on average) not let Faith stay in that fleabag motel at 15 and checked up on Post and not just taken her work for it that she was sent by the council. That Faith might have given that last breath of trust to Giles or even saved it for someone more worthy of her trust. Things might've turned out much differently for Faith.


Samantha Carter -Stargate SG-1
Olivia Benson -Law and Order: SVU
Sarah Conner -Terminator movies (Where the title came from lol)

And I know this is odd but,
Kagome Higurashi Inu-Yasha (Older at least in her 30's who lost everything including Inuyasha in the Feudal era. If she's pair with Sesshoumaru much praise will be given)

Rupert Giles (Absolutely no Buffy she died or never was, or even she retires but Faith is his Slayer. Off the get go don't want his attention diverted by the 'Scoobies' though if you want to leave them that's fine I just don't want Giles worrying about Buffy and her friends when he should be focusing on helping Faith recover, create a life for herself.

Also I'd like to see Faith go to school(or at least GED) and If you pair her with spike (I always hated that he got with Buffy, I mean she ended up with every vampire on here Angel Spike Dracula, its a little annoying) or Xander (I'm all for a threesome if you can manage it) I'd love you forever.

Basically anyone you thing would be up to the job job for it all I ask is that you attach it to this challenge so I can read it.
Challenge Date30 Sep 09
Last Updated8 Mar 11

Challenge Responses

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