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Challenge IssuerAlas
Challenge NameVampire Superiority Complex
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake
DescriptionOkay, we've all read stories where (insert character here) is transported into the world of Anita Blake and to Saint Louis. In most of these Jean-Claude is very concerned with the interlopers onto his territory. In all of the ones I've read so far the Scoobies say sorry and make nice.

I'd like to see one where that wasn't case. Can you really see Xander or Buffy (or even Willow) being okay with a Vampire essentially declaring himself superior to all other magical beings? (Which he is by saying that they all must have his permission to enter his territory.)

I see the Scoobies saying no. No you don't have as much power as you think you do. No you don't have the right to tell us where we can and can't be and no we are not going to ask your permission to enter what is a public city on American soil. If you Vampires want to play King of the Castle that's fine, but this city is not yours. *I* am not yours.

Maybe they could even challenge the Vampire superiority complex.
Challenge Date30 Sep 09
Last Updated30 Sep 09

Challenge Responses

Inspired by Xander, Buffy takes a road trip of her own. Along the way, she rides on trains, hitchhikes, picks up the odd job, and makes new friends... whether she wants them or not.
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