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Challenge IssuerDusel
Challenge NameThe Sentry Challenge. Or "What do you do when you have more power then you can be responsible for?"
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Avengers
DescriptionA Sentry Challenge, this will be hard.

Here how it goes. Xander is somehow able to beg and whine to Buffy and Willow so much, that the two agree to get a spandex Halloween costume if Xander wins a coin-flip, which he does, but he isn't allowed to choose which costumes the girls will get so when they go to Ethan's, Buffy chooses, on a whim, a female version of the Marvel Universes most powerful man costume...The Sentry!

The challenge may sound stupid, but in reality it will be very hard to pull off, why? The Void, and what is actually is and how it affects The Sentry's mind. Getting the boost of a Million Exploding Suns may sound fun, but when it comes with the Ultimate Evil being stuck in your head, the cool update suddenly doesn't look so cool as it did at first glance.

Things that you need to do if you decide to take up this challenge:
1) When The Sentry appears on Halloween night, do or don't make him wipe out the population of Sunnydale is up to you and what you are writhing, a one-shot ficlet or a full story. Don't kill Ethan, The Sentry is far to Hero-like to kill humans, having him/her crack her knuckles and make Ethan brake the spell himself would be Hilarius, but your choice.
2) When the spell is over, and Buffy does keep her powers(because lets face it, once there the Power Of A Million Exploding Suns just doesn't wink away, ya know?), explain why exactly was she able to get them in the first place and keep them, since it's doubtful that Janus could achieve even that, Helloooo! Power to destroy Galaxies and all that!
3) Anghst...yeah, The Void...What is the Void? It is darkness, it is evil of the highest caliber, and it is The First Evil! YES! Buffy is the most powerful corporeal being in the Universe and she has The First Evil stuck in her head. I'm thinking here that TFE was whispering stuff to Robert Reynolds(Marvel Sentry) and now that Buffy has his powers, why not switch to her?
4) Heroism! What will Buffy do with her new powers of Flight, Invulnerability, Energy Manipulation, Super Speed, Telepathy, Super Sight and Hearing and around Godliness? What will she do when she hears the shouts of a 747 pilot who has lost control of his plane? Will she try and Save the World? Or will it be too much for her seventeen-year-old mind to handle?
5) Cannon events. Now it's obvious that nothing will ever be the same again. You can have both Willow and Xander dressing in something else, maybe some Marvel or DC Heroes but I leave that to you. Since this is obviously going to be an AU it's your choice if you want to put Dawn, Glory or others since they were Unique in the Multiverse events. But some fights are obviously going to be different. As in, The Judge gets thrown in the Sun, Angel may or may not lose his sole, up to you, but the events after must be different, maybe even make Buffy lose it since she saw Angel as a lifeline for her crumbling sanity. If you do put Glory in, she gets ripped in half, and the Mayor? Pfff...but The First there I leave it all to you.
6) It is up to you really, but you may further cross this fic with others like Commander in Chief or West Wing or maybe Stargate if you have Buffy Heroing around the world, which I change my mind is a Must! This is all really, nothing more to say except...
7) NO BASHING! Or at least not in the way of humiliating a character for laughs, kill them off if you want to(Spike)...well ok you can make fun of Spike, that is Hilarius, but anything more

Well that's it, chances that there will one day be a Sentry/Buffy crossover are small, but hey, I just wanted to make it ;)
Challenge Date16 Oct 09
Last Updated16 Jan 10

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