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Challenge IssuerGreywizard
Challenge NameTriumverate Redux?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake
DescriptionFor some mystical reason, Buffy, Xander and Angel all regain memories of their previous lives as Anita, Richard and Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake-verse.

The time frame when this occurs and the reason it occurs is left up to the writer, but an excellent branching off point for this to happen would be at the end of "Prophecy Girl,' when Buffy is being revived by Xander and all three of them are together at what is, without question, a major metaphysical event, since Buffy's dying and then being snatched back from the brink of death could conceivably shatter whatever mystical barriers are locking away their memories and allow them to remember who they had been.

Once that happens and they recover the lost memories, would they subsequently develop a mental link to connect them to each other, as they had previously exist? If they did have such a link develop, it would have a very significant effect on all aspects of their interactions, especially if their individual memories might be accessible to each other.

After regaining her Anita memories would Buffy want to try to relearn/regain her abilities as an animator/necromancer, to supplement/reinforce her Slayer abilities?

I doubt that Xander, after regaining Richard's memories, would be very interested in trying to become a lycanthrope (although determining how his having been possessed by the Primal Spirit might affect his control over his transformations, if he did, would be interesting), but it might spur him to investigate regaining the abilities he had when possessed by the Primal Spirit, if he could be confident of being able to maintain control, especially since he could see some of the benefits available to doing something like that.

Having the memories of Jean-Claude probably wouldn't help Angel deal with Angelus very much, since Jean-Claude wasn't vicious the way that Angelus was, having more of a 'live and let live' philosophy. They might, however, spur him to try and explore and learn more about and/or improve his control over whatever vampiric powers/abilities he might possess. This gives rise to the question as to whether Dru's 'whammy' power is innate to her alone, or whether Angel and/or Spike might possess a latent form of it, too.

Whether Buffy, Xander and Angel would want to try to reform some sort of Triumvirate (and whether it would even be possible to do so) is left up to the writer to address.

Another opportunity for the three to regain their memories would be during S6's 'Life Serial' when the Trio of nerds is making Buffy repeat the same temporal sequence, again and again, an event which could possibly break any barriers repressing past memories, or during S6's 'Tabula Rasa' episode, when Willow's memory spell on the Scoobies breaks, and Buffy's and Xander's regaining their blocked memories triggers Angel's doing the same.

How Buffy's regaining her memories at either of these points in time would affect her relationships with Spike (as an undead would-be significant other) and Xander (as a former significant other in a previous life), as well as how it might affect her feelings towards Angel, could lead to a significantly different outcome for everyone.

And don't forget that Xander regaining his memories of being Richard would also have to significantly affect his relationship and engagement to Anya.

Determining when and how the three of them died in the AB-verse would have a very significant effect on the relationships among the three, since the three's relationships changed drastically, and not generally for the better, as time passed. All three of them dying early in the series, when they were still generally polite and affable, and not actively hostile towards each other, would produce significantly different results than their dying later in the series, when Anita considered herself to be 'one of the monsters' as opposed to being a human being.

Variations on this idea would be having 'Buffy, Xander and Spike,' 'Buffy, Oz and Angel,' 'Faith, Xander and Spike,' or 'Faith, Oz and Spike' being the ones who remember lives as Anita, Richard and Jean-Claude.

I could actually see the 'Buffy, Xander and Spike' idea causing a whole lot less heartburn and dissension among the three than the one with Angel, since Xander got along with Spike a lot better than he ever did with Angel, almost certainly because Xander despised Angel for his lack of action during Buffy's first year in Sunnydale and his cowardice when she went to confront the Master.

And don't forget, having Spike complaining about having dressed like a poof in a previous life would be a lot of fun.
Challenge Date12 Nov 09
Last Updated12 Nov 09

Challenge Responses

The first time he feels the spark of a foreign memory is when he and Angel are in the Master's Lair and Buffy's lying dead before them.
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