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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerHebiR
Challenge NameFor Some Seers, It Just Never Ends
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed
DescriptionInspired by "A Charming Interlude" by DemonChildeKyra: After she "died" on Angel, Cordelia was sent to San Fransisco as an agent of the PTB. You decided why, but the story MUST include:

-the Charmed Ones finding out about the deception, 'cause where's the fun otherwise?
-Lorne helping Cordelia in some way.
-Cordelia is still at least half demon throughout the story.
-Since the Avatars are very similar to Jasmine, Cordelia is particularly determined to stop them.

Bonus points if you include:
-Phantom Dennis.
-Lorne singing the kids to sleep. And how the Charmed Ones let him get that close to the kids in the first place.
-Cordelia having to deal with her possession issues while trying to convince the Charmed Ones she is on their side.
-Having to ask the not-completely-evil demonic community for assistance.
-A demon switching sides.
Challenge Date15 Nov 09
Last Updated15 Nov 09

Challenge Responses

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