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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)MistressAshley
Challenge NameSurvival
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Kill Bill
DescriptionAll those stories out there where Buffy is tossed into a different world and I've always wondered what Buffy would do if she was thrown into a world without vampires, demons, or even aliens for her to slay? I mean think about it...the Slayer is pretty much a predator and every predator has the urge/need to hunt. Without 'evil' to prey upon the Slayer would still feel the need to hunt, to kill, to dominate her prey. We also know that Buffy has it in her to kill a human after what happened with Faith. With the right motivation she was ready and willing.

So, I'm asking you to write a fic where Buffy ends up in the Kill Bill universe. Maybe the Slayer is suppressed by how she got there but starts to resurface - gaining more control every day. With the need to hunt at the forefront of Buffy's mind and no demons to slay she somehow joins the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

Find some way to bring in the Scoobies, a few years later maybe? (for Buffy and a few months for the gang?), and everything will be perfect.

Pairings are up to you but maybe Buffy/Bill?

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Challenge Date23 Nov 09
Last Updated17 Jan 10

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