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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)MistressAshley
Challenge NameVenom Changes
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Twilight > Dawn - Centered
DescriptionI've done a bit of research on this. The distance from Rome to Volterra is about 133 miles. One website stated that if you were in a road vehicle maintaining an average speed of 40mph, it would take you about 3.3 hours to travel the distance. With a vampires speed I figure they could, and probably would, travel that for a night of hunting. It'd be better to spread their hunting miles in every direction than to have dead bodies turning up next to their castle so ...

After the fall of Sunnydale we know Dawn and Buffy are in Rome. One night Dawn wanders a bit too far ... into the hunting grounds of Volturi. They feel something different about her so she's either brought back to the castle or turned on the spot.

This, of course, raises many questions that would need to be answered in a fic. Who turns Dawn? Is she paired with anyone? Is she able to control her hunger? Or is temptation too much for her? What is Dawn's power, as I figure she'd have one? What about the Scooby gang? Can they save her or is Dawn lost to them?

I love dark/evil Dawn stories so it'd be really interesting if Dawn was weak to the bloodlust and not able to control herself. Buffy would have Willow try to restore Dawn's soul only to find that, even killing people, Dawn still has it.

I'd also love it if Dawn was paired with one of the Volturi or just one of the 'bad' vamps. Any could work. Dawn would even still be young enough to fit with Alec (something I've never seen done before) if you want to go in that direction.

Dawn pairings I wouldn't mind seeing (in no specific order):
- Aro
- Marcus
- Caius
- Alec
- Demetri
- James
- Laurent

I don't mind femslash, slash, or multiple pairings. Though I like to have at least one male involved in any pairing. (if you go the femslash route try for more of a threesome with a male involved please.)

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Challenge Date23 Nov 09
Last Updated17 Jan 10

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