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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerFireWolfe
Challenge NameLost family
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Criminal Minds
DescriptionThe idea of this challenge is that Buffy, Dawn and Faith are related Spencer Reid in Criminal minds. I would like Reid to be their half brother. Faith's Mother was one of Hank's earlier secrataries and she actually cared for him. He could not have Joyce learn the truth as she was his ticket to bigger and better things. Joyce being related to his boss maybe a daughter or granddaugher. So Hank convinces Faith's mother to take a transfer to Boston to have the baby with her family close by. She realizes he is playing her and gives Spencer up to her cousin who is married and in a better postion to raise him. She then moves on or so she thinks. Several years latter Hank shows up again and history repeats itself. Only this time she trys to keep the baby but is in a downward spiral because of her need to forget her lover. Faith learns the truth when she is finally able to settle the affairs of her first watcher. She is shocked and tells Buffy the truth because Hank is once more trying to connect with his daughter because she has become someone important in the council and in her families firm. Buffy will have inherited some key shares that Hank needs to keep his own job. He is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his life on track even killing his daughters. However the assaisins (Demons) he sends after them are making a mess drawing in BAU as young women who match Dawn and Buffy start turning up dead.

In this fic I would make Spencer maybe a year or two older then Buffy and 4 years older then Faith.

Pairings: The pairings I like to see are either Buffy /Giles or Spike / Buffy. I love to see Xander / Faith or Faith/ Derek. I love to see Willow in this fic and maybe paired with Spencer Reid. Spencer reminds me of Tara so I think it be a good match. Dawn/ Andrew or Dawn/OCC.

Bonus points if you can go with the first pairings and make Andrew not so annoying. Also bonus points if you can bring in Riley and company. If you do pair Dawn with Riley.
Challenge Date30 Nov 09
Last Updated7 Feb 10

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