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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerscifigirl
Challenge NameBuffy/Charmed Crossover
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed
DescriptionBuffy/Charmed Crossover

Premise: What if Leo wasn't Piper's soulmate but a certain former resident of Sunnydale was.

Pairing: Xander & Piper

Buffy time frame: set after the seventh season of Buffy
Charmed time frame: set 3 - 6 months after leo became an Elder and left Piper, Piper is not pregnant with her second child

Story Requirements:

1) Xander is in San Francisco looking for, two options:

a) hunting a demon
b) looking for potential slayers.

2) Xander treating Piper to a romantic night out, elegant restaurant, dancing, a ride in a horse drawn carriage.....

3) How do Xander & Piper meet:

a) Xander saves Piper from a demon using his trusty battle axe (her sisters weren't around to help her.
b) up to the writer to decide

4) Piper wanting a divorce from Leo.

5) Willow's magic powers are stronger and different from the Charmed Ones (blame it on growing up on the Hellmouth)

6) Xander asking Willow to put a protective spell around Piper's house to keep visitors with evil intent out and to protect Wyatt. This means Gideon can't orb into the house whenever he wants.

7) Piper, Phoebe & Paige getting a big surprise when they see how powerful Willow really is when she does a spell to "bring forth" the ones who have been trying to kill Wyatt and Gideon & evil ally appears before them.

8) Xander convincing Giles & the Scooby gang to set-up a branch of the Watchers Council/school for slayers in San Francisco so he can be with Piper.

9) Phoebe & Paige giving Piper some flak over her dating Xander but she doesn't care she's having some fun for once.
Challenge Date12 Sep 04
Last Updated4 Mar 07

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