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Challenge IssuerJTM
Challenge NameWillow Von Doom
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > General
DescriptionVictor Von Doom is a scientific genius second only to Reed Richards, and a sorcerer second only to Dr. Strange himself. Willow Rosenberg was a computer and science genius before she discovered her staggering magical potential.

The Lord of Latveria has long sought a heir, sometimes going to great lengths to create or acquire one, so what happens when he discovers he already has one?

What does Dr. Doom do when he discovers he has a daughter that he didn't know about? What does Willow do when she finds out her real father is one of the most brilliant and feared men in the world?

You can set the story whenever you want, but I would like it if it was set during the show. Season 3 or later preferred.
If Sheila Rosenberg is Willow's birth mother or not is your choice.
How Doom finds out about Willow is up to you.
Please no character bashing unless Riley is in the story, then its ok. (maybe a little Xander bashing if you want)
A large part if not most of the story should take place in Latveria, or at least be between Willow and Doom.
Doom should know what the slayer is and recognize that Buffy is the slayer, and he should recognize that Giles is her watcher. He may have some degree of respect for the slayer(she could prove useful), But he holds the council in contempt(they are weak and almost entirely ineffective without the slayer).
A misguided attempt by the Fantastic Four to rescue Willow would be nice, especially if they are shown up by the Scoobies, but not required.
Cordy's response to finding out about Willow being a real princess could be funny, but not required.

All I have to say about pairings is NO Buffy/Xander and NO Buffy/Riley unless the story is set when they were together on the show.

As I remember it, for the most part the people of Latveria loved Doom and he was a good ruler, in the feudal sense, and that is how I would like him portrayed.
A genuine emotional bond should form between Willow and Doom.
Challenge Date21 Dec 09
Last Updated16 Feb 10

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