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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerChikageko
Challenge NameEnclave
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > X-Men > General
DescriptionDue to the rock bottom property costs people move in and out of sunnydale at a rather... predigious rate. How will Elizibeth and the gang deal with the sudden migration of mutants to the hellmouth and surrounding areas?

Pairings: Don't care, have fun.
Charactor center: Again I don't really care just make sure Dawn exists.
Time frame:
____Xmen: don't care.
____BTVS: prior to season seven.
Central plot: Umm, how the gang deals with the migration of mutant is the gang exists at this point in your story and some villian among the mutant influx. Possibly the people behind it, that usually works best...

Bonus points if Xander is not a mutant. If you want him to be the focus or badass find some other way.
Challenge Date13 Jan 10
Last Updated13 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

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