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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerDarthPayne
Challenge NameAlexander Auditore: Assassin
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road Trip
DescriptionThis challenge starts on helloween where in answer to Buffy dressing as the 'noble' woman Xander decides (after stealing the remaining booze money from his 'fathers' wallet) to dress up as what he thinks is a noble man from Italy.

After the spell Xander retains the knowledge and skill of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze from after the ending of ACII.

Shortly after halloween a rift starts to grow amongst the Scoobies over Xander deciding to use these skills.

Because of this rift and an argument with Willow, Xander decides to go on his road trip a little early to see if he can find people to join his new order of assassins.

Due to disrupting a demonic ritual of power Xander's road trip goes multi-dimensional and multi-temporal, upon getting back to his own dimension Xander finds himself on another planet called Abydos shortly before the arrival of SG-1.

Due to a temporal shift during his arrival Xander decides to stay with the SGC until the time of the Demonic ritual and to decide then what to do at that time.

Bonus points for adding:
-Xander must train to be able to use the skills and knowledge of Ezio.
-To begin with the only Scoobies to accept the new Xander should be Joyce and Jenny.
-Xander must also decide to start a new assassins order to oppose the Terakans and Watchers.
-Xander can be paired with several woman throughout the story until he finds the 'One'.
-One of the dimensions Xander visits has to be the AC dimension, there he visits three time points (Altair's, Ezio's, and Desmond's).

Extra Bonus points if two of Xander's apprentices are Doc Fraser and Sam Carter.
Challenge Date16 Jan 10
Last Updated28 Nov 10

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