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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)MistressAshley
Challenge NameTime Lady Buffy
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionBuffy didn't know it at the time but hidden in the folds of her Halloween dress was an old pocket watch. Now, with Halloween over and the dress ripped and torn, Buffy intends to throw the dress out but instead finds the watch.

Here's where you take over but the idea I have is: We know the watches of Time Lords stay behind when the Time Lord takes up their Time Lord mantel again - e.g.: We see a young Tim Latimer [during The Family of Blood] has the watch during the War and an older Tim, in a wheelchair, still has the watch.) Maybe it was the Doctor's watch (or another Time Lord who lived and died human), passed down and sold through time. Without a Time Lord soul it's just a regular watch ... until Halloween. The Chaos spell recognizes the watch for what it is but as the costume it's connected to isn't the Doctor's (and the body is female) the magic has to do something different. Buffy became an 18th century lady during that time - a fairly generic lady. Was the name Elizabeth canon or fanon? Let's pretend it was Elizabeth) - she's pretty much still Buffy or rather a version of herself. The watch could latch onto that. The power/soul within is still there when the spell ends. When Buffy finds it, the natural instinct is to open it, right? The spell made the power inside Buffy's, thus when she opens it ... Time Lady Buffy. :)

An immediate (full face/body change) regeneration. I want Buffy to stay Buffy-shaped (though that still gives you alot of leeway for change). The Doctor didn't regenerate when he opened his watch and while the Master changed fully he was old, close to dying and the Master is also vain.
Challenge Date28 Jan 10
Last Updated28 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

It's amazing how easily a turn in the road can change everything. Needless to say that thanks to a slight costume alteration, Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn't so human any more, and The Doctor isn't the only Timelord left...Challenge#5164: Time Lady Buffy.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: The Doctor • Doctorsgirl • FR15 • Chapters [21] • Words [137,151] • Recs [82] • Reviews [359] • Hits [107,932] • Published [9 Feb 10] • Updated [3 Apr 10] • Completed [No]