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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameSon of the Anarchist.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Sons of Anarchy
DescriptionA little twist on the 'Xander real Father challenge.'

This will be a crossover with 'Sons of Anarchy', I'd like to see Xander's father being one of the orignal 9. Seeing as how 7 of the orignal 9 are dead, that'd leave Clay & Pinney for the most obvious choices. Now, I'm not making any big sugestions but it would be easier that way. Seeing as how both already have sons. One of which is Jax.

And since everyone here is human, it wouldn't be that difficult to believe. And look at Xander post season 7, no living family, friends going everywhere, love of his life dead, and his missing an eye. The guy just looks like a rough and tumble biker already.

Most haves:
Xander commits violence in the presence of the Sons, not to impress but just because hes pissed. A cop would be the easist target.

Someone gets ahold of his police records, and come one...we all know he has one. I wouldn't be surprized if Stein and the Mayor had a fall plan in the works to make him, Buffy, and the other scoobys look like hardcore gangbangers....despite the fact that Buffy's knee high to a grasshopper and any judge would think WTF at seeing the record and her.

Scars. The boys got them, and since the actor also has a few them off.

Sinceless sex with one of the wannbe 'Old ladies' that follow the Sons around.

Most Not Have:
No Slash.

No 'lets tell everyone about the supernatural'. I hate fics that try and play that off. No one without mental issues would believe it, unless someone staked a vampire in your 'lap'. And even then, they'd think it was the weed messing with them.

No 'awww we're family now' lets be bestest buddies. Be true to the characters. None of them, not even Xander, are really all that nice of people. And it would be pretty akward to find out about a long lost son/father.

Xander doesn't have a bike. Don't magicly give him one 'before' he meets the sons. Hell, he probably doesn't even know how to ride. Its not too easy, unless you've had practice.

And finaly, no bashing of Buffy and co. They didn't abandon Xander, there just besy and trying to get used to no more Hellmouth.

Have fun, I think this is a pretty good idea. And I haven't heard or seen anything like it yet.

): )
Challenge Date7 Feb 10
Last Updated8 Feb 10

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