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Challenge IssuerHebiR
Challenge NameScooby Horde
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy > Warcraft
DescriptionPortal problems land some combination of the Scooby gang in Azeroth. I'd actually love to see a few different takes on this idea, and I have some suggestions below.
As Warcraft alreadt has canon portals, demons, and undead that are both like and unlike anything the Scoobies have ever seens, I think this could be extremely fun.

Please pick something like the following:
-At the end of season five, Dawn jumps through the portal and ends up in Azeroth. She can end up entirey alone, or have one or more Scoobies join her, but if it's the latter, the Scoobies should be split up, with no more than two or three together.
--Bonus points/ideas:
+Spike works hard to come off as a Big Bad Undead Demon...Thing. Then Dawn spots 'im. The Horde is somewhat less terrified of him after seeing him play big brother to the strange little human.
+Dawn's skill with languages means that she is the most likely to actually understand the many languages used, so she in particular should end up in the Horde somehow.
+Can Buffy control herself around the Forsaken? Does she even bother to try?
+What effect would Willow-babble have on: Slyvanus? Undead Arthas? A Dreadlord?
+If at all possible, Xander should end up as a hunter. With a hyena. ;-)

-Rather than Heaven (or wherever), Anya and Tara wind up in Azeroth, together, though they died about a year apart. I am not sating no to lesbian romance, but these two should stay friends.
+Do you see Tara as a shaman or druid? Mage seems too academic and cut off from nature to be good for her where I stand, but you might differ.
+If Anya became a Warlock, would she end up summoning old friends, and then disturb just about everyone around her (as in, besides Tara) by bringing her demons to the local tavern for a few rounds?

-The summer between seasons one and two, a Scooby falls through a portal into Azeroth and becomes a warlock, shaman, druid, hunter, or priest. A significant portion of the story should focus on the individual's experience in Azeroth; if the character does return to Sunndydale, it will seem like they have only been gone for the summer, but the character will have experienced years away from home. Whatever class they become, if there are religious or philosophical connotations, the character will have become a believer.
Challenge Date1 Mar 10
Last Updated1 Mar 10

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