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Challenge IssuerValkyrieNHelyanwe
Challenge NameOk, this is a challenge I came up with one night while wondering “ What if…?”
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter

1.) It must be a Harry Potter/Buffy crossover

2.) It must have the Marauders come forward in time, either by accident or on purpose-without Peter.

3.) It should take place after Harry’s fourth year ( though if you use Order of the Phoenix I would ask that Sirius remain alive) and as far as Buffy goes, end of Final season with one small change- Dawn must be a Slayer ( I always thought it was funny that a being made from the blood of a Slayer wasn’t one too…)

4.) Buffy and Harry should be related- I would prefer siblings but it’s up to you. ( I was thinking maybe have her be his older sister that was stolen at birth by Death Eaters and assumed dead.)

5.) Must include at least one prank by the boy’s and one funny scene with Snape being tormented in a fairly harmless way.

6.) The Marauders MUST find out Buffy, Dawn ( faith) are Slayers ( and know what that means)


It would be funny to have the boy’s spot Harry, maybe while Harry was being overprotective of Dawn- say Draco was flirting or something. ( Since if you used the siblings thing it would make Dawn his younger sister)

Would be funny to find out Faith is a Black and Sirius’s daughter. And of course Sirius reaction to this, I am thinking he would be e protective of her…as his future daughter.

Would like to see Fred or George with Buffy, Ron/Hermione, Dawn/Draco, Ginny/Neville
Challenge Date1 Oct 04
Last Updated3 Mar 07

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