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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerjessie
Challenge NameA Choice To Change The World Challenge!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionTen years before Kelly was born two other children, twins, were born to Jethro and Shannon; a son and a daughter. Being a young couple just starting out they decided, or rather Shannon decided while Jethro was going through training to be a Marine, to give the babies up for adoption. Jethro, in his heart, never really forgave her for taking his children, his twins, from him. But God works in mysterious ways and Jethro finally finds out what happened them. As it happens he already knows his son and has for years. To top it off he's a member of his team. And his daughter? Well she just happens to be attached, on loan from an Agency called the NWC, to Agent Fornell's team at the FBI. How is he suppose to approach Timothy McGee with the revelation that he is father and that he has a twin when the younger man clearly doesn't know he's adopted? And how is he suppose to get to know his daughter, Agent Buffy Summers, when her work with the FBI is classified and Fornell won't let him get within a foot of the youngest member of his team? Having already lost his wife and one daughter he isn't about to give his twins up again. Not when this time he has a choice!

And how are Tony, Ziva, and Abby going to react to Papa Gibbs being an actual Papa to one of their own? Will they be jealous or happy for their fearless leader?

How will Buffy take the news that Hank Summers isn't really her and by default Dawns father? Better yet how will she and Dawn, whom is living with her in D.C. after completing an education at Oxford, take the news that Joyce wasn't their mother?

Will Gibbs accept Dawn as his even though her existence is impossible?
Challenge Date15 Mar 10
Last Updated15 Mar 10

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