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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuersouldriven
Challenge NameWe were here first!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Supernatural > General
DescriptionI have seen a lot of different crossover ideas for Supernatural and Buffy but I haven't seen the one I thought would be there already.

The Winchesters originally lived in Sunnydale. When the yellow eye demon caused Mrs. Winchester's death, John Winchester discovers not only that the monsters that go bump in the night are real but his town is literally on top of the hellmouth. As a result, John often leaves Sam and Dean to deal with the problems in Sunnydale while he tries to hunt down the yellow eyed demon. This should give Dean and Sam a much more stable childhood even though demon hunting is still involved.

What I want from this challenge:
- Dean (and possibly Sam) arguing with Buffy over territory.
- please note that according to canon Dean is only a few years older than Buffy and Sam is about a year younger.
- general reaction of the Scoobies (if possible) of other 'normal' hunters on the Hellmouth.
- the Winchesters knowing or befriending any of the Scoobies or other Buffy characters prior to Buffy's arrival is up to you.

Other than that, have fun and take this idea anywhere you want.
Challenge Date23 Mar 10
Last Updated25 Mar 10

Challenge Responses

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