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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerFireWolfe
Challenge NameTara as a descendant of Malinda Warren
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed > Tara-Centered
DescriptionI loved the Tara character in BTVS. We all know Tara descended from a family of witches. I would like her to be a decedent of Malinda Warren the founder of the charmed line. Tara will die as in the original Buffy series but she can come back as a white lighter or as a result of a the time turner event. When the charmed ones replay time over and over the gang in Sunnydale realize it is a time loop. While Andy could not be saved Tara can be by a wish from one of the Scoobies. I would still like Willow to go evil but have Tara find her and Xander after the fact. It is Tara who get Willow into rehab. However due to complications with the council I would like Willow to be assigned to Tara and he charmed ones for rehab purposes.I would like to see Xander paired with Pru. He could start out helping her over her grief for Andy and perhaps help Leo with work on the manor. Buffy and Dawn can come in to help with the source as he and the first are starting to work together. They are also there to support Willow. Have the council move in teams to guard the hellmouth.
I would love to see Giles stand off against gramms and have Dawn learn to be a witch from the sister. Buffy should be involved with Spike or Giles. Dawn could hit it off with Dan next door.

Overall I love to see mostly Tara finding her real family and helping Willow.
Challenge Date13 Apr 10
Last Updated13 Apr 10

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