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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerFireWolfe
Challenge NameAmazon / Slayers
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Wonder Woman
DescriptionThe women of Paradise Island learn of the slayer activation spell. Wonder Woman Diana and her sister Donna are sent out into the world to investigate. Diana becomes Diana Prince once more and connects with Steve Trevor Jr. to learn more about the slayers. Steve has an old friend who was a part of the DRI and is concerned. He contacts Riley and Sam Finn for information on the situation.
Buffy has become slayer prime and is working with Giles and the Scoobies including Faith in England to restore the council. The crown agrees to allow Giles to take over if he takes his rightful place as a Lord. He is ordered to marry within a year to Buffy or the council will go back to the Traverse family. Buffy and Giles are forced to wed because the crown wants to have some control over the slayer line. Buffy having lost Spike and Angel agrees much to the shock of everyone. In this fic they are engaged and working on their new relationship. They are confronted by the American government in the form of Steve Trevor and Diana Prince and are forced to create an alliance with both the American government and the Amazons. Buffy and Faith learn that they are related to Diana and are descendants of the Amazons who were kidnapped by Hercules and crewman who became the first watchers. The big bad is open for discussion but there must be a battle where the slayers and Amazons must work together to save the world. The world will learn about the Amazons and the world will thing the Slayers are an off shoot.

The rest is open for the author. Other crossovers are welcome as long as it is not Dr. Who or Tourchwood which I so dislike.

All pairing should be cannon complainant.
Challenge Date13 Apr 10
Last Updated13 Apr 10

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