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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerFireWolfe
Challenge NameAnita Blake makes a wish
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake
DescriptionWhat if Anita tired of all the drama with JC and company makes a wish. She wants to find a nice normal guy who is not supernatural but will get her world. She wants to go to a world where there are clear lines between good and evil.So she makes a wish and a demon is of course listening. She is sent to the BTVS universe right about the time Wesely becomes Faith's watcher. Her being there makes him grow up faster and she becomes fiends with Faith and Buffy much to everyone's surprise her own included. Weslely falls for Anita and they become involved and take Faith in. When social services comes looking around she and Wesley pretend to be a couple and have Willow make up papers naming her and Wesley Faith's guardian. How would this have changed the season? Instead of Faith going bad she stays on the side of the Scoobies and when Finch is killed Anita and Wesley convince the gang to back Faith and fend off the council. Because of her exposure to JC she is good at politics even if she does not have the patience for the bull shit. She negotiates by way of a glock to keep Faith and Buffy safe.
The results are open to the author. I would like Anita to council Buffy against getting involved to deeply with Angel and I want Faith to have a chance to live a normal life or at least as close as she and Buffy can get. The Dynmic will change and the gang will be stronger for the alternatives. Pairings are Xander/Corediela , Oz and Willow, Wesley/ Anita, Buffy/Giles. In short Anita pragnatism helps prevent the gangs implosion.
Challenge Date19 Apr 10
Last Updated19 Apr 10

Challenge Responses

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