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Challenge IssuerCordelia
Challenge NameConnor Season 5 Challenges
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Connor-Centered
DescriptionNote before I get to into this. I have only ever watched one episode of Bones, so some of the information is not going to right, and some of it I purposely messed up.
Now what if Angel finally got his Shanshu? And when he did he started over new as Seeley Booth in Washington,or wherever it is. When he started over the powers decided to give him an added bonus. Connor was able to come with him, his new life with the Reilly's was erased like it never happened. Connor still had all his memories from both of his previous lives. Now when the powers "gave" Connor back to Angel it wasn't like giving him a new life and he was put into everyone else's memories. It was more like if Angel had another son after the one he has on Bones. Now I'm purposely changing Booth's son's age. I know he's just a kid in the show.

1)Booth's son is 18.
2)Connor is 16. See below for further details.
3)The L.A. gang is still alive, all of them there is no Illyria, Cordelia is not in a coma.
4)Angel had worked for WR&H, but doesn't anymore he does still use some of his contacts though.
5)The people from Bones don't know anything about Connor or anyone form L.A. or Angel's life in L.A.
6)At some point the L.A. group comes to Washington for a visit, and Vice-versa.

Since Connor is younger than Booth's son(I think his name is Parker) the way it happened is a couple years after Parker is born Booth went out to L.A. for like a vacation or something and Connor was the result. (Thats just the story he tells everyone not what actually happened this is were you come in with the story to make it all work.) Then when Connor is 16 he decides he wants to be with his dad so he comes to Washington(Connor and Angel have worked things out, Connor doesn't still want to kill Angel or anything he really accepts and loves him like his dad.), Angel does get a warning. The others do not. Connor in this will not be the murderous insane he was at the end of season 4, but he is still slightly off.

Connor details:
2-Mentally Unstable
3a-Extremely quiet at times, staring off into space, almost catatonic
3b-At times he is catatonic
4-Doesn't eat or sleep well
6-Uneasy around new people
7-No pairing

Angel/Booth details:
1-Extremely protective of Connor
2-A mixture of both Angel and Booth
3-Not in a relationship with Bones, is trying to work things out with Cordelia
4-Eventually will be Angel/Cordelia
5-Remembers everything about everything

Now the reason I changed Parker's(I'm sorry if thats not his real name I just can't remember what I read.) age is so he can have an actual understanding of things. Also because I want a bit of sibling rivalry between him and Connor on his end. It can be for any reason he feels their dad loves him more, that he was there first he should come first, stuff like that.

Parker details:
1.Sibling rivalry on his part.
2.Doesn't really like Connor, and shows it.
3.Tries to keep Angel/Booth's attention on him.

Angel tries to keep Connor around as much as possible at work, and basically whenever he can and worries that Connor may try and kill himself again and takes him to see a therapist. Connor doesn't really like being left alone or away from Angel, and doesn't really shy a way from contact like he did in the show. all that much. He has abandonment issues (I think I would to) and has a hard time adjusting to the Bones group. The Bones group is shocked/hurt that Booth knew he had another son and didn't tell them. So that's basically it.

This is a Connor/Pete Campbell centric one.

Now keep in mind I haven't seen the show(Mad Men), I've only read things about it(Not fanfic.) and seen a couple of clips, I did actually start watching the first episode a couple of days a go so maybe if I ever watch enough, I'll come by and make a few adjustments. For now though anything that's wrong, lets just say its for the purpose of the fic, some mistakes may be done purposely though. If anyone would like to offer any advice to make it fit a little more it's welcome.
*So this is going to be AU (probably to the extreme), and a crossover. The crossover is with the TV show Angel and Mad Men. What if Pete Campbell was actually Connor, he just moved out of LA and to NYC(?). In the process of moving he changed his name.*

Background:Angel Universe. I'm pretending Season 5 never happened. Connor was kidnapped by Wesley, then by Holtz as in the show and taken to Quor-Toth. He returned like he did in the show wanting to kill Angel and all that, but instead of being like 18 when he came back he was just 15. Everything that happened in the series, except I'm making a slight change to the end of Season 4. Instead of Angel killing Connor to let him restart completely with a new life and family, including new memories or recollection of what happened before, Angel figures out something different. So Connor doesn't start a new life completely, but Angel does still take over W&H. In the process Angel and Connor work on fixing their relationship(Obviously going to very hard to do considering Connors mental state.). Cordelia is also fine, she wakes up and her and Connor work things out, they aren't together. He sees her as more of a mother figure, but doesn't actually call her mom. Angel and Cordy aren't together, but there not just friends either. They figured it would just work better that way. All the things leading up to the end of Season 4 happened, but over that span of a couple of months. Also when Connor tried to kill Angel in season 3 it was only like 2 months, and he was still kicked out of the Hyperion. So at the end of season 4 basically Connor would be like 16.

Mad Men Universe. So this paragraph compared to the one above is going to be very sad indeed. Pete "Connor" Campbell moved to NYC from LA when he was 17. By this time though he had changed his name from Connor Angel to Pete Campbell. He got a job at the AD Agency doing whatever it is that he does, and by now he is 19. Others don't know this they think he's older. They also know nothing about him being from LA, they thing he's from NY. He is not married to Trudy, and he is not involved with Peggy.

1)Because I can this isn't in the 60's, but in the Angel time frame, very early 2000's.
2)"Pete" is "21-ish", no one knows he's really only 19.
3)No parings....for Pete/Connor that is.
4)Pete is somewhat of a mystery to those around he, still though he is not well liked for the same reasons as in the show.
5)One day he comes into the office looking very UN-Pete like, and more Connor like(tiny/young looking). No suit, no hair all done. Instead is hair is like it is in Season 4 of Angel, (except maybe a little shorter) and he's in his "Connor clothes". Torn jeans baggy-ish longs sleeve shirt, and beat up sneakers/boots.
6)Heads straight into his office no explanation to the questing of his appearance, and locks the door going straight for the phone.
7)Then he leaves stating that he's going out of town for a while.
8)Obviously this only adds to the mystery, and makes people extremely confused. So they decide to figure out whats going on. Somehow, someone(you decide who) a cpuple days later figures out he went to LA.
9)They all decide to go to LA to find out whats going on.
10)When they get there they have no idea where to start, and end up asking around to see if any-ones seen Pete. Of course no one in LA knows Pete Campbell exists, so naturally they get no where.
11)In the middle of the night on there way back to where ever it is their staying they get attacked.cornered by a Vampire(s), and are saved when someone stakes it(them). This some one is....any guesses.....Connor! they are of course very thank-full...then they good look at their savior, who is exactly who they were looking for.
12)Connor being Connor though deflects all their questions saying you know its not safe out their at night and he would explain everything when their safer so he takes them back to the Hyperion. Which is not where they're staying.
13)Once there everyone(Angle people) is in the lobby waiting for Connor, and when he shows up all the others(Mad Men) are confused when everyone starts calling him Connor, and especially confused by Angel who is doing his whole over protective daddy thing.
14)Everything is then explained that while on patrol Connor found them and everyone agrees that they should stay at the Hyperion. Connor goes to get their stuff, leaving them at the Hyperion with people they don't know, and a bunch of questions.

IMPORTANT!!!!! stuff that should have been put at the begging of the details, but wasn't.

1)Connor and Angels relationship is so much better, but it is still at times extremely tense and much like it was before. (Should be visible from time to time by everyone Mad Men and Angel Characters)
2)Pete gets a call one morning about how something big and bad is going down in LA, and his help is required. Which is why he shows up at the office like he did. He just needed to make arrangements.
3)Connor didn't leave LA, because of problems, he just wanted a bit of normalcy, he still kept in touch with everyone.
4)Because Connor wasn't raised in this dimension, and never went to school or anything, he still doesn't understand much about it, and still gets confused and upset and shocked about things at times. Should be noticeable that this is still happening by Angel Group, and noticed that is does happen once the Mad Men group get to LA.
5)Once back in LA he goes back to being called Connor.
6)Because he was raised by Holtz, who wasn't from the same time period, he was raised as a Christan and and is religious. Even though they didn't really get into it on the show from what I saw of those couple of episodes Holtz I'm sure drilled the Bible into his head. You don't have to make this a big thing in the story, but it should be noticeable, and possible discussed when questions about who "Pete" really is.
7)I think that Lorne's one time nickname (that we saw) for Connor, Kid Vicious, should be in it a bit.

Below is a good description I found of Connor that could help in writing this fic.

Connor was kidnapped soon after birth by Angel’s hated enemy, Vampire Hunter(I believe he was) from the 17/1800's Daniel Holtz. Raised to adolescence in the "darkest of all dark worlds" a dimension called Quor-Toth, Connor grew up brainwashed-(and going by the name of Stephen/Steven Franklin Thomas Holtz)-by Holtz into hating his father. Due to the slower passage of time in the “real world,” however, only days passed since his abduction. Unfortunately, by the time Angel and company managed to rescue Connor from Quor-Toth(some accounts say he forced his way out of Quor-Toth), the boy had been driven mad with grief, and deceived by lies. Feeling betrayed, Connor blamed his father for abandoning him(sometimes saying you gave me up, or let him take me, although in the beginning its not as clear if that what he thought or not, because he would at times be saying or referring to Holtz "God gave me to you", or something like "God wanted us to be together" usually something along those lines.) and attacked him as his enemy – just as Holtz had planned. Eventually, however, Connor discovered the truth about his past. He still though has trouble accepting Angel though after all those years of being lied to by Holtz. Unfortunately, Connor’s abrupt transition from the bowels of Hell to modern-day Los Angeles proved too much for the him to handle. Connor’s gradually unraveling mental state became one of the main focuses of the fourth season.

I got this idea from reading a fic like this.
It's a crossover between ** as Folk and Angel where after Angel "kills" Connor in his new life he becomes Brian Kinney's brother. Now in the fic that I read Connor was also gay, in my idea if you choose to take it up Connor is not gay, and really there is no pairing for him, except maybe how he loves Cordelia but understands why they can't be together.

Now this fic would take place after Connor gets his memory back. No one involved in Connors "fake" life notices a difference nothing has changed for them. You can have them notice differences in Connor if you want. Connor would be about 17/18 and going to either UCLA. Brian and everyone decides to go on vacation to L.A (which is why Connor isn't going to Stanford like in the show.), but they don't know that Connor is there (you decide why). So while they're there they run into Connor at a Club (Not Carita's, because they don't know about all that stuff, and not a gay club) while he's there on the look out for Vamps and what not. You can decide if they figure out Connor is there to because they just run into him, or because he starts a fight Vamp or Humane doesn't matter. So The ** as Folk gang consist of Brian obviously, Mikey, Ben, Debbie, Lindsey, Emmet, Ted, Melanie, and if you want Vic. Justin and Ben don't know who Connor is and have never met until now. Connor when he realizes that everyone is there gets away as quickly as he can because he doesn't want to take the chance of them asking questions and learning something that would leave them unsafe. Obviously the hasty departure leaves them with allot of questions and Brian with allot of explaining with as to who Connor is. Then they just see Connor around L.A. allot and sometime with Angel and Co, who are Angel, Cordelia, Gunn, Lorne, Wes, Fred, and Spike. No Illeryia and Cordelia is fine. Then the QAF gang run into the Angel gang and recognize then as people who hang out with Connor and start asking questions. They also at some point find out about all the Supernatural stuff. You can take it from there. Expand and make it a long fic that's just the basis for it not the actual plot. Any questions or just want some help if you decide to take it up just ask and I'll do my best. Also feel free to discuss any of my ideas here at the forum. I would like to see your thoughts and ideas even if you don't take it up for a fic.

What if when Angel gave Connor his new life, Connor became Boone Carlyle? So this is obviously a crossover between Angel and Lost.

In this one at the end of Season 4 when Connor got his new life WR& H took it to a new level and changed everything even his name. Angel didn't go to see Connor with his new family at the end of that episode. While still stuck on the Island Boone/Connor gets his memories back and everyone starts noticing how he is acting really different. Then they eventually get rescued and Angel by this time knows that Boone/Connor has gotten his memories back so he goes to meet him at where ever it is they are when they finally get back to civilization, but Boone/Connor just wants to continue on with his "normal" life. Angel respects that, and as time goes by he hears more and more about his son's life and sees articles about him and what not how he is becoming really successful in his mothers business. Boone/Connor however much he wants to though can't completely escape his old life and sometimes he to get back into it.

Pairing are as on the show, except there is no Shannon/Sayid, its going to be Boone/Shannon.
Challenge Date2 May 10
Last Updated2 May 10

Challenge Responses

Angel earned his Shanshu and was given a new life as Seeley Booth and Connor was given a new life as his son, but both of them remember their true past and when Connor comes to DC to be with his Father things won't be the same.
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