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Challenge IssuerMirroredIllusions
Challenge NameJoyce the Tok'ra host
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > General > Theme: AU
DescriptionBuffy, Joyce, and Dawn somehow end up on Pangar, there they find the Tok'ra Queen - Egeria.

- Timeline: Season 5 but before ‘The Body’ for BtVS, and preferably several seasons before season 6’s ‘The Cure’ for Stargate so the symbiote has a chance of survival.
- Buffy still attending college, and having a usually vague Slayer Dream about the Tok'ra, the Goa’uld, and Egeria and her predicament on Pangara.
- Buffy, Joyce, and Dawn ending up on Pangara "accidentally" (coughPTBcough), and Joyce, having been diagnosed with cancer, agrees/decides to become Egerias new host. It's up to you how they end up on the planet. You can use a magical portal, a random demon, accidental magic, Ancient technology, or something else, but whatever it is also need to be able to get them home again without the help of a Stargate.
- Egeria was used to make Tretonin, and when she get a host she still need to explain to the Pangarians how to cure the people who’s on it.
- Egeria going back to Earth with the Summers women and staying there until post-Chosen (if you decide to write that much).
- Joyce (or Egeria) telling her daughters about some of the things she’s learned since the blending.
- Buffy still sacrifices herself to save Dawn and is resurrected 147 days later by Willow, Xander, Anya, and Tara.

Don’t want:
- Anyone else from the Buffyverse to tag along.
- SG-1 or any other team showing up on Pangera before or during the time the Summers family is there.
- Egeria demanding to find the Tok’ra right away, after all she needs to regain her strength after her ordeal and healing Joyce.
- Anya, Giles, or any of the others knowing about the Tok’ra/Goa’uld/life on other planets.
- Info dumps. There’s no reason for the Pangarans to know about the Slayer, the Key, or that demons are real. Likewise the Pangerans doesn't know how to use the Stargate and therefore can't tell their guests. Egeria could but put that on hold until later.
- No one being really powerful; this includes powerful!Willow and hyena!Xander or him with some other random abilities other than the little canon memories he has from ‘soldierboy’.
- Glory is often made into a Goa’uld in BtVS/Stargate crossovers, but I want her to remain a Hellgoddes from another dimension.

If you chose to write a longer story and/or a sequel:
- I’d like to see how Joyce’s survival and Egerias presence changes the canon.
- I’d like to see Tara not getting killed and Willow not going ‘Darth Willow’. (Could be reasoned with that they were staying in Joyce’s old bedroom and since she’s alive they’d be elsewhere)

- If you rewrite season 7; I want only the Potentials in Sunnydale to be Called, and then either get killed during the battle or lose their abilities soon after. Having several hundred or thousands of Slayers never made sense to me, but if you want more than just Buffy and Faith you can always say that every time a Slayer dies a new one is called. Since Buffy died 3 times (drowning, getting shot, and the Portal), and just to create another one, we can say that Faith flatlined for a few seconds, and that way there are 3 more Slayers who could come and help out. It’s not like the Council told Giles about Kendra and Faith until they actually arrived in Sunnydale.
- At some point after Chosen I’d like Egeria/Joyce, with Buffy and Dawn in tow, to either use whatever got them to Pangara, or simply go to Cheyenne Mountain (Buffy had a Dream) and ask them to let them through the Stargate. I would prefer if the original SG-1 were there (Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c, plus General Hammond), including a Sam who is still host to Jolinar. But that’s optional.
- Also optional: Expanding on the Scythe-Called Slayers not surviving; I would like for only the Summers family, Faith, Tara, Andrew, Anya, and the other 3 Chosen Slayers to survive the Battle of Sunnydale.

You can call the fic whatever you want, I just needed a quick name. ;)

Good luck to anyone who want to try and write something with this. :)
Challenge Date4 May 10
Last Updated4 May 10

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