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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issueryaoiloveratheart
Challenge NameNew Life, New Love, New Family
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category CSI > CSI Miami
DescriptionStory Must Have All Of The Following

1) Xander had enough of sunnydale and all of his suppossed friends and leaves after graduation, moving to Miami.
2) Xander's grandparents were rich and left him all of their money, assets, and properties. Xander's father was desinherited because of his and his wife's drinking and their treatment of xander. They tried repeatedly to gain custody of xander befor they died but couldn't because of the old mayor.
3) Xander is smarter than anyone in sunnydale ever dreamed even smarter than willow but he hid it well because of the treatment of his father, but now he doesn't hide it. He's attending college in Miami.
4) Xander has found that he has a gift in writting, and all of his books are sold as the most popular.
5) Xander is not tall and really muscular underneth his old ugly clothes like in all of the other fiction stories. Instead he is 5'5" ft, slim and shapely like a woman with a soft gentle voice.
6) Xander crossdresses.
7) Calliegh becomes Xanders best friend and introduces him to his love interest.
8) Xander is paired with either Eric Dleko or Ryan Wolf or both in a triad.
9) Xander and whoever he's with get married, xander is considered the wife and is happy with that.
10) They adopt four brothers who are 16,14,12, and 4 yrs old (their parents died in a car crash a year before they weren't murdured).
11) The kids call Xander mom and whoever he's with dad, or if xander's in a triad the other two are called dad and papa.
12) The oldest son is gay, the middle two are bi, and the youngest is too young to even think about that sort of thing.
13) Must e rated 21.
Challenge Date13 May 10
Last Updated13 May 10

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