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Challenge Issueryaoiloveratheart
Challenge NameXander/Eric Slash Crossover
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category CSI > CSI Miami
DescriptionXander/Eric: Xander has been keeping secrets. His ugly and baggy clothes hide a slender and curvy body. Very much like a women. Xander is very smart and powerful, more so than willow could ever be. After graduation he has decided that he’s had enough of his friends, parents, sunnydale altogether, and he’s tired of hiding himself and what he can do. He leaves after graduation along with his brother in all but blood, OZ. OZ has control of his wolf and considers Xander his packmate and brother. OZ runs his own company, it creats video games, web designs, computer games, and some hacking for the government. Xander’s grandparents were super rich and left everything to him alone. Xander used some of the money to start his own bakery/café, where he makes the best deserts anyone has ever tasted. It becomes the most popular café/bakery in miami. Xander meets Eric when he comes in to buy some cookies for Speed after he gets shot during that robbery (he doesn’t die in my universe). In my universe Eric stoped being the manwhore like in all the other fanfics a year before Speed gets shot. Eric falls in love at first sight, and immeatly sets out to woo xander. Although shy at first and afraid that he won’t be good enough for Eric he is attracted to the other man as well and they date and fall even deeper in love. They get married after awhile and a couple of month later adopt a baby boy who’s parents were murdered and has no other family, Eric and the team solved the case. Xander is considered the mom and wife and is happy with that. Oz is twenty in this fic and Xander is nineteen.
Challenge Date17 May 10
Last Updated17 May 10

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