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Challenge IssuerMirroredIllusions
Challenge NameThe Article from (the) Hell(mouth)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Gilmore Girls
DescriptionTimeline: Post-Gilmore Girls, and anytime before Chosen for BtVS, except for the time Buffy was dead.

Rory Gilmore is a reporter for a newspaper/magazine of your choice, and she is assigned to write about Sunnydale and all its mysterious deaths and disappearances over the last century.

- Rory's editor has only given her very basic info about the town, i.e. when it was built, statistics of deaths/disappearances over the years, etc. The numbers show that the murders/accidents/disappearances started to go down in late 1997.
- Finding info will not be easy for her; remember that most people in Sunnydale are either in denial, trying to protect people who are not in the know, or simply want them as dinner.
- Rory going around town and interviewing people about its history, the statistics, etc. This has to include the hospital and at least one morgue.
Bonus points if you have her interview the Mayor, Principal Snyder, or Professor Walsh if you chose a season where they’re still alive, but this is optional.
- Rory calling home to Lorelai at least a few times. It’s up to you if she calls anyone else there.
- Rory and Buffy eventually forming a friendship, but the others remain skeptical.
- This story should be Gen, but you can include canon pairings as long as it doesn’t overshadow the main storyline.

Don't want:
- Rory as a Potential, Witch, or with any other magical ability. She doesn't know about the supernatural. Same goes for everyone in the GG 'verse.
- Rory finding pretty much everything she needs to know in the Sunnydale Herald's archives, or some other database. After all very little of what the Scoobies did ended up there.
- Most of Buffy's records will be unavailable, either because she was underage (her time in the asylum (15), the charges for supposedly killing Kendra and attacking the ones in the library (16)), classified (the Initiative), or not on record at all (the Trio trying to make it look like Buffy killed that girl, Willow killing Warren, Xander stealing the rocket launcher). At most she’ll find their names on police reports as witnesses. Same goes for Faith if you include her, so how much Rory can find on her depend on how old you make Faith.
- The Scoobies just telling her everything, accidentally or otherwise. Rory has to prove that she’s trustworthy, especially since she’s a reporter. What they tell her has to be connected to the actual town since that's what she's researching, a limited summary of what's currently going on, and NOT a this-is-the-life-of-the-Scoobies or a this-is-what-has-happened-on-the-show-up-until-this-point. I.e. Rory doesn’t need to know that Buffy has died several times, that losing her virginity set Angelus free, that Willow lost control and nearly destroyed the world, or that Oz is a werewolf, and so on.
- I’d prefer it if you didn’t pair Rory with anyone from the Buffyverse, if for nothing else than that she’s older than them (22 at the end of GG), especially if the story is set in the early seasons (the Scoobies are 15/16 in S1 and 22/23 at the end of S7).

- If you have Paris Gellar show up and be her usual stressed out self, or a particularly talkative Lorelai who shows up to see what has her daughter so fascinated. In which case there may or may not be a babble off between her and Willow on a caffeine high.

You can change the title to whatever you want. :)

Good luck and have fun.
Challenge Date20 May 10
Last Updated20 May 10

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