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Challenge Details

Challenge Issuerfyretyger
Challenge NameEndymion and the Slayer
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime > Sailor Moon
DescriptionTime: BtVS-Post Season 1 (preferably after Season 3).
Sailor Moon-any season before Stars

Idea: Before the Slayer, there was the Terran Royal Family (Endymion) who protected the Earth from demons. With the death of Endymion during the final battle in the Silver Millennium, Gaea, the Earth Spirit, created the Slayer to protect it and humans from the various demons that tried to take Earth over or destroy it. Because of these two events, Endymion and the Slayer are like twins with their connection to Gaea, the Earth Mother. With the split of the Slayer line, Gaea comes to Buffy and asks her to find Her true Champion, the reincarnation of Prince Endymion, who has finally been reborn.

Up to Author:
~How Buffy gets to Japan
~Dawn going with Buffy
~How Buffy deals with the language barrier
~Buffy's relationships with the Senshi
~Buffy's ability to help with the youma (or not)
~The Senshi's ability to fight demons and vampires

**Major points for using the Japanese names (i.e. Makoto instead of Lita)**
Challenge Date22 May 10
Last Updated13 Nov 10

Challenge Responses

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