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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerfyretyger
Challenge NameThe Light and Dark Prophecy
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionLight and Dark,
East and West,
The Chosen Two are best.

When Light is five,
And Dark, three;
Together they shall make the Keys.

With Glory gone,
And blood seen,
Light and Dark leave with Green.

When Past is Present,
And Present, Past;
Love and Family are found fast.

Slave or Queen,
Fate is done;
All that's left is Life to run.

Time: AU Season 3

~Faith doesn't kill Finch and doesn't become evil.
~Joyce adopts Faith.
~Faith and Buffy kill the Mayor.
~Buffy and Faith use the joining spell to combine with the First Slayer to defeat ADAM.
~Monks can't decide which slayer to use for the Key and decide to split the power of the Key into a set of twin siblings for Buffy (would like to see Dawn and Conner as the twins-Dawn is from Faith and Conner is from Buffy).
~Who, When, and How the prophecy is found is up to the author.
~Season 5 happens as normal however, the Summers Siblings are tossed into the portal by the toppling tower.
~All four of them end up at LEAST a thousand years into the past in Europe or the Mediterranean.

Possible Ideas:
-Anatolia Story/Red River
-King Arthur (2004)
-Kingdom of Heaven
-Robin Hood
Challenge Date26 May 10
Last Updated26 May 10

Challenge Responses

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