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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMirroredIllusions
Challenge NameLet's meet the family, shall we?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Numb3rs > Buffy - Centered
DescriptionAlan Eppes from Numb3rs is Buffy's biological father, and Don and Charlie are her older half-brothers. She’s the result of an artificial insemination because Hank Summers was unable to have children. It’s up to you if Joyce and Hank knew Alan and Margaret or if they anonymously obtained the sperm through a clinic. However, Joyce chose to tell Buffy that Hank wasn’t her father shortly before she had the surgery to remove the tumor.

Due to her mother’s death, the deal with Glory and her own subsequent death and resurrection and with everything that followed there was never really a time to digest the news, or to tell Dawn. After the Battle of Sunnydale, Buffy decides that she can’t postpone telling her sister anymore, and they end up visiting the Eppes men while they’re recuperating at the Hyperion.

Timeline: Shortly after Chosen for BtVS, and anytime for Numb3rs.

- You have to make it a point that Don and Charlie had no idea that they had two younger sisters, and Buffy and Dawn only found out about them shortly before going over to Charlie’s house. Also, the Monks made a little SNAFU; Alan knows about Buffy, but they forgot to include him in the people who needed to know about Dawn. Enter much confusion, and “explanations” for her existence (mundane ones).
- Buffy (and Dawn) end up helping the FBI with whatever case they're working on, but without telling anyone, including the Eppes men, about Slayers, the Key, or the supernatural.
- I would prefer it if there weren't several thousand Slayers, but rather 20 at the most spread around the world, plus the Chosen Two. After all, Buffy’s returns from the dead caused a major power shift, and having several thousand Slayers running around would ruin an already fragile balance.
- I'd like for Buffy to be patrolling around L.A., and the Eppes men wondering what she’s doing out so late at night. You can also have her meeting up with Faith and/or Angel, but only short encounters.
- Buffy and Dawn going to visit Hank, and actually having a real conversation with him about why he hasn’t been a part of their lives since they moved to Sunnydale. This can happen before or after they first visit the Eppes, and it may or may not lead to a meeting between Hank and Alan.
- I’d prefer it if the interaction between the Scoobies/the Fang Gang and the Summers sisters were kept to a minimum.
- I don’t want anyone from the Numb3rs universe to find out about what goes bump in the night. Dawn can be explained by some of Alan’s sperm being frozen in case the Summers’ decided to give their daughter a sibling.
- No info dumps, please.
- I definitely don't want Buffy and/or Dawn suddenly becoming a math genius. Dawn has a talent for research and languages, and while Buffy isn’t stupid she isn’t really interested in books. Buffy is more of a search/fight/kill kind of girl, hence her helping Don with his case.
- And no appearances by anyone from the Initiative, this includes the Finns and Graham.

Good luck! :)
Challenge Date10 Jun 10
Last Updated10 Jun 10

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