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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMirroredIllusions
Challenge NameThe Chosen Two and the Flying Ford Anglia
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter > General > Friendship
DescriptionWhat if only the Chosen Two survived the fight with the First, and they were saved from the collapsing city by the flying Ford Anglia from Harry Potter?

Timeline: BtVS - late season 7/post-Chosen; HP - Anytime after the car flew off in the Chamber of Secrets (book 2)

***Must haves***
::: Buffy and Faith as the only survivors.
::: The blue Ford Anglia flying in to save them as they jump from rooftop to rooftop while the city quickly fall in the sinkhole behind them.

***Must NOT haves***
::: Any Slayers Called by the Scythe after Sunnydale has fallen, or any of the other people from the battle.

It's up to you what happens after the car has saved them. I just want the two of them in a flying car, lol.

Good luck! :)
Challenge Date28 Jun 10
Last Updated28 Jun 10

Challenge Responses

Response to Challenge 5606. Faith and Buffy are running out of Sunnydale, and are saved by a driverless flying blue Ford Anglia.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Harry Potter > General • themadhatter • FR13 • Chapters [1] • Words [300] • Recs [0] • Reviews [9] • Hits [1,239] • Published [24 Nov 10] • Updated [24 Nov 10] • Completed [Yes]