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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerIrda
Challenge NameImmortals grow up into.....?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander
DescriptionI once read a fic (can't remember the name) where Duncan MacLeod and Methos (from Highlander for those that don't know) were jokingly discussing the possibility that the immortals were all children and Methos was therefore in his late teens about to approach adulthood.

What if they were right?
What would be the difference between a child and an adult? if any?
Would it be a slow or sudden change? physical,mental or some other type of change?
Is the game real or started by someone to prevent immortals from 'maturing'?
Since the rules stated a challenge has to be a crossover, would immortals be baby old ones? or something else?
Good or evil? personally I prefer grey, ie. personal choice.
Would Giles find a prophecy of some sort? or simply provide information Methos needs? Does Methos already know/know of any of them(BTVS/AtS characters)?
How would Methos handle it? Since he is supposed to be the eldest it makes sense for the fic to be about him.
So, fic must include:
1. Methos (in all his shades of grey)
2. No uber bashing of characters, I'm not saying they can't be mean or have to be nice, just realistic..
3. On that note, it must be realistic, I know this is sci-fi/fantasy stuff but that does not exclude some realism.

Fic may include:
4. May have but does not have to have sex, or pairings at all (personally I prefer slash..hint, hint).
5. Would love to see Methos's mischievous side come out to play on occasion.
6. May have more than one crossover, I like the Stargate and Harry Potter worlds but would not object to being introduced to others.

Have fun!!
Challenge Date28 Jun 10
Last Updated28 Jun 10

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