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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Details

Challenge Issuersouldriven
Challenge NameJust your Evil Neighborhood Law firm
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionOkay so I've seen plenty of crossover fics where Wolfram, and Hart play the villains. It reminded me that not only is Wolfram & Hart an international law firm according to the Buffy-verse, but also inter-dimensional. So why not do a multi-cross centering on the idea that Wolfram and Hart defends villains throughout the multi verse? Thus this challenge is born.

Ideal Situation (as in I would REALLY like you if you did it this way):
- a multi-cross ficlet collection
- a focus on Wolfram & Hart defending villains of various series
- Wolfram & Hart trying to bring 'champions' from various dimensions into their power
- the general feel of the collection being dark yet somehow funny

Options (make people happy):
- could totally make this a fan art collection instead.
- whatever series you want to do works
- Angel and crew (from early season 5 to post-NFA) completely take over wolfram, & hart and go around deciding what clients to keep (and how that effects the no longer protected villains) - cause you know new management is never a good thing for the old managment.'s clients.

Requests (pretty please?):
- Spiderman being one of the series used (i mean, challenge title)
- someone being shot at
- the line "I'll take that as a 'no'?"
Challenge Date29 Jun 10
Last Updated20 Sep 10

Challenge Responses

With Angel taking over the Law Firm they had to get some new clients, but do you really think that W&H are going to get upstanding citizens? Alternative title 10 Clients W&H never got. Nominated Best Portrayel of Angel/Angelus 2010.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Multiple Crossings > Angel-Centered • texaswookie • FR15 • Chapters [10] • Words [19,078] • Recs [2] • Reviews [10] • Hits [8,901] • Published [7 Mar 10] • Updated [12 Mar 10] • Completed [Yes]