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Challenge IssuerMirroredIllusions
Challenge NameTo Profile The Slayer
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Criminal Minds
DescriptionThe BAU team (Criminal Minds) are asked to make a special profile of a group of people living in a small California town, not too far from LA. They have to make individual profiles on Buffy, Dawn, Faith, Giles, Anya, Willow, Xander, and Andrew. You choose who wants the profiles, but it can’t be the SDPD, the Initiative or anyone who knows about that project. Whoever wants it doesn’t know about the Slayer, demons, or what’s really going on in Sunnydale, and they won’t find out either.

They get the case shortly before the Potentials start to arrive in Sunnydale, but are told that the case is strictly observing for the time being. The team can’t approach them until they’ve arrived in LA, post-Chosen. Feel free to kill off all the Potentials-Turned-Slayers, and anyone who isn’t Buffy, Faith, or Dawn.

Please be realistic about what info is actually available online about the group.
I.e. Buffy was never charged with burning down the Hemery school gym, she accepted the expulsion so she wouldn’t get a juvenile record. She was never charged with killing Katrina, nor did she make it into the police station to “confess”. Xander was never arrested for stealing the rocket launcher. Also, the records of Buffy’s time in the mental institution won’t be accessible to the BAU, as explained by Garcia in the season 4 episode “The Instincts”, add in that she was a minor (15) and it's even less likely. None of the Scoobies were suspects in blowing up Sunnydale High, etc. I know Garcia’s great, but even she can’t find everything.

Most of all I want the BAU team to agree that Buffy suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that it’s actually an issue and not something that’s just skated over as if it never happened. She never dealt with it, and that’s something that would be obvious to someone as experienced in profiling as the BAU team. The rest of the groups treatment of her in season 6 and 7 can't have helped her emotional healing either.

Good luck, and feel free to change the title. :)
Challenge Date14 Jul 10
Last Updated14 Jul 10

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