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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)MarcusRowland
Challenge NameParolee Faith (repost)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Shield, The
DescriptionBtVS S6 AU, Crossover with The Shield or any other LA-based crime show - When Buffy was killed the Buffybot wasn't repairable. A few days later Buffy's body is stolen from her grave, and although the Scoobies eventually recover it from the demons who planned to use it (to end the world, of course), Giles takes the decision to have it cremated to prevent any recurrence. In the arguments about this he learns of Willow's reanimation plan and proves to her that Buffy is in heaven.

So Sunnydale has no Slayer, no stand-in, and a growing demon problem. Giles uses his own backup plan, and Council lawyers exploit a technicality in Faith's conviction to get her paroled into his custody. She still has to wear a locator bracelet and in theory isn't supposed to go anywhere but work (The Magic Box), home (Buffy's house), etc. Needless to say Willow is expected to use her hacking skills etc. to allow her more mobility. But since she's not exactly happy about the arrangement she needs lots of persuading, and won't make it permanent.

So we have Faith, still on her post S4 guilt trip but expected to be the Chosen One, Dawn probably picking Faith as the person to blame for everything, Giles and Willow barely speaking to each other, Willow still on her slide into darkness (though not quite so bad because she didn't do the reanimation thing or kill the deer), and Warren and Co. about to become supervillains, and they've found this nifty bit of technology called Adam which they want to repair. Oh, and Sunnydale's current mayor / police aren't happy about having Faith back in town; there's still a lot of the old Wilkins organisation around, and those guys bear grudges...

Okay, that's one possible outline - use whatever bits of it you like. The one thing is PLEASE no Buffy, and no chance she'll be back except possibly as a ghost / dream. Preferably bring in a crossover with something related to the US legal system. e.g. The Shield, LA Law, NCIS LA (maybe one of the people Faith injured in LA was a Marine), etc. etc. since the police will naturally be interested in enforcing the law, the FBI investigating the Sunnydale Police Department, or whatever.
Challenge Date15 Aug 10
Last Updated15 Aug 10

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