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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerShalaDakiri
Challenge NameDistorted Legends
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander > General
DescriptionI've seen a couple stories where an Immortal is needed to 'anchor' the slayer line. What if it also provided a mechanism for increasing the number of Slayers?

Every generation of potential slayers includes a few preimmortals. Over time, the slayer essence increases in power until it becomes too much for a normal human. At that point, a preimmortal is Chosen and, at her first death, two new slayers are Chosen: One from the original line and a new line, anchored by the new immortal. A potential slayer who becomes Immortal before being Called can no longer be Called.

Preferably, there should be 2-4 active lines by the start of the series.

A few points to consider:

Do the Watchers know there are multiple lines or do they only track one? (Could explain how they missed Buffy and Faith)

If you want Buffy to become Immortal, did it happen with the Master? Or did Xander bring her back and Kendra is actually from a different Slayer line?

Would the First be able to manifest and if so, how would Calling all the Potentials affect the lines, especially since there would be preimmortals in the mix? Or do the Immortal Slayer(s) convince everyone else it's a bad idea?
Challenge Date20 Aug 10
Last Updated20 Aug 10

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