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Challenge Issuermpsshadowmaster
Challenge NameWho are you and Why the hell am I a girl!?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Japanese Fantasy > Shadow Hearts
DescriptionThis challenge, should you chose to take it is simple. Buffy, instead of dressing as a useless noble woman, goes as Johnny Garland, Detective. When Ethan's spell goes off, one really confused Johnny comes up.

Although this is a YAHF, I don't want a faithful retelling of the episode. Johnny is good at combat, and his other mode can kick ass. Re-work the episode around him. Weather or not you give him access to his "awaker" mode is up to you, but he should be able to use his "normal" malice weapon.

Please try to keep him as in character as possible. There are youtube walk throughs available if you haven't played the game, or haven't played it in a wile. I suggest 7503's, which is here: (Don't worry, everything not plot related is trimmed.) Also, please add those odd moments of humor that the Shadow Hearts series is known for. (Ex: When Johnny properly meets Shania for the first time, his gaze goes directly to her chest. The game points this out. Yes, this is funny. Watch the walk through.)

Bonus points for Xander going as SH1 Yuri (same deal as Buffy), and someone (not a vamp) mentioning that they'd love to have Killer chained up in their basement.

All I'm expecting is a one shot, one off fic. Don't come complaining to me if you do more than that. Enjoy.
Challenge Date31 Aug 10
Last Updated13 Jun 11

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