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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerrotingCORPSE
Challenge NameConsequences to Power
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Wars > Xander-Centered

in where Xander Dressed up as Darth Vader for Holloween, been done before I know however the aftermath would be different.

meaning that aside from the force powers, Intellect and a lightsabre, Xander would also inherit Vaders Deficiencies and Limitations.

such as:

* being trapped in the armor/costume because it is a life support system and can only be taken off in special medical environments.
* needing the mask to breath properly, though he can go with out the mask for short periods of time and in special environments.
* like Vader his limbs would be artificial along that their advantages and disadvantages.
* movement limitation due to the constraints of the armor, meaning xander needs to learn vaders unique sabre combat style to compliment his limited mobility.


* no slash pairing aside from the canon ones like willow/tara
* xander's force alignment should be neutral meaning he is not a Sith and he is not a Jedi. he's genre savvy so he can pull off a neutral stance.
* also last would be limited force sensing in side sunnydale, you guys can chalk it up to the darkside from the hellmouth clouding his force senses.
* forgot to add that vader not communicate with xander during halloween and xander will only have the memories and the movies/books/comics to go by about vaders life
* try not to make xander a total dick, but would still have fits of rage whenever bad things happened to the rest of the scoobies
* also no bashing of characters.

brush up on your star wars boys and girls, and go wild!.
Challenge Date28 Sep 10
Last Updated28 Sep 10

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